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May 19, 2010



torture, that stuff! i refuse, so they give me some combo of pills and only 8ozs or so of some nasty replacement.

very funny. and you're so right about dave barry's assessment. he always nails it.

aul A. Tamburello, Jr.

I'll remember your combo for next time!

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr.

I'll remember your combo for next time!

Susan L

Your piece on colonoscopy prep had me in stitches. I sent it along to a few over 50 year olds with a warning that they might find it so funny that they too would have to use the bathroom themselves just from laughing so hard!

Aren't you glad it is over with? I remember how it was over with so fast, in a flash actually, and the next thing I wanted to do was eat!!

I liked the lovely bathroom photo illustration.

I read a few snips to Hannah- she won't find it so amusing when she does her first prep in 32 years! Maybe by then there will be a less invasive one!

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr.

Thanks for the feedback. I had fun with the photo. After the awful prep, I slept through the actual procedure. When I woke up from my nap at home, all I wanted was a big bowl of cereal that I topped with strawberries. Lord knows what a procedure like this will be in 32 years and I'm sure Hannah won't mind waiting that long to find out!


I particularly like the Christo part..... What's the matter with me that I don't remember the being looped and loopy part? But I sure remember the prep.

The colonoscopy itself was no big deal either. That (unimaginatively) said, this was one hell of a piece of writing!!!!!!

It was almost worth going through the experience so this is what you'd have at the other end, so to speak!


I loved your last sentence here, made me laugh out loud. I had fun thinking about Christo making a 25 mile TP installation. I was surprised the sedative lasted so long. I was really buzzed, had a lovely nap, would have slept through an earthquake.

Susan L

Where you intend to categorize the Golytely piece, under Travel or Food and Drink?

Susan L

What a hoot! I'll add it to Food and Drink, and maybe Travel is appropriate too. Love the ideas.


Oh yes, been there ,done that , got the tee shirt. The good news is you are about 7 lbs lighter and your pants are loose.

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr.

Would love to see the t shirt...


Great post…and all us over 50’s are saying yep, been there/done that, although wasn’t quite as articulate as Paul about the experience…

If you want to read something HYSTERICAL (but, of course, not once you start the Golytely treatment, a name I always thought the pharma company stole from Truman Capote), try Tom Wolfe’s The Right Stuff, and the early chapter about the would-be astronauts getting barium enemas. Don’t think I ever laughed that hard in my life.


I look forward to heading to the library to borrow the book. Love the reference to Truman Capote!

carole blossom

Hysterical! Hope everything turns out alright....or should I say "comes out" alright. Good luck!!!

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