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October 02, 2002



wow, wonderful writing. caught me by the throat and shook my breath away !!--keep writing


My oh my! Methinks the blogger doth protest too much. Yes, Joan Didion, is intimidating, but you play your own games with the reader--and I appreciate it.


i have learned that comparing oneself to other, great writers is, in effect, suicide.

everyone has a voice, but not all are capable of making themselves heard.

i read kholed hosseini's "kite runner" recently and wondered where on earth i found the audacity to declare "i am a writer" when i had just finished a novel by someone who was obviously more qualified to own the label than i.

keep writing. your words are good!

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr.

Dear Paul Tamburello,
Thanks for giving me the "Why I Don't " piece. Needless to say, it pleased me!
RE the bevatron, it was a major presence on the Berkley campus, everyone's symbol of (hard to decipher) up the hill.
All my love,

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