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August 09, 2005


Julie Martin

I came across this article, and I am trying to find contact information for anyone coordinating upcoming reunions for the Cuffee Clan. I am a Cuffee descendent, now living in Kansas City, Mo. I was born in Norfolk, Va. My mother's father was Isaiah Cuffee of Campostella area in Norfolk. A few years ago I went back to Norfolk for the reunion (in 1987 I believe)when the Cuffee Clan from Mass. came down to Virginia to fellowship. My children & I won the prize for coming the farthest distance to the reunion. My mother has since past on and I'm searching for contact information for the reunions in the future. My children are grown and have children of their own that still carry the Cuffee name as middle names. They are teaching their children the family history and would love to attend the next reunion. If you have any contact information for anyone that is coordinating these reunions in the North or Virginia area, please e-mail me back.

gina cuffee 214 glenwood ave east orange nj

Hi I am so happy to find someone that was at the 1987 reunion ... I was there with my new born baby and new husband. Im sorry to here about your mom. but dont worry the cuffee are holding it together... that baby is now 28 with 2 children ...

Gwendolyn Cuffee

I can across this article, when I was looking for descendants of Capt. Paul Cuffee. My mother attendant the 1983 Reunion Banquet in Norfolk, Va. I would like to know if there's a reunion in the near future. My name is Gwendolyn Cuffee, I was born in Norfolk, Va. in 1943.

Su Almeida

I would like to respond the the person who left the above comment. We are planning to have a reunion in Chesapeake, Virginia in June of 2017.Email me if you want more info.

Adrian Smith

I am part of the Cuffee family from Longridge in Chesapeake, VA. I would like information on the reunion in Chesapeake.

John W. Szablewicz

Dear Sue - My name is John W. Szablewicz and I am the school historian at Fairfield College Preparatory School, in Fairfield, Ct.
My research indicates that the first black graduate of our school was Jeffrey Townsend Cuffee, Class of '46. Jeffrey, like his father Aaron before him, went on to be a Episcopal Minister. Jeff's mother was a highly regarded social worker. Being familiar with the amazing story of Capt. Paul Cuffee of revolutionary era Boston, I am very curious if the Cuffee family of Ct. Is in any way descended from this great American. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Herman “Bob” Jackson

My name is Bob Jackson and I’ve been the Husband of WILLETTA JACKSON, née CUFFEE- for 54 Years, She was born March 1, 1945 in Norfolk, VA.

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