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May 10, 2006


Portrait Painting

I admire you for such expertise over different media used in the field of ART, David. You’re indeed a one-man show.

In this sample of portrait in this blog you clearly exposed several realities in life of couples. Although the faces aren’t that clear but all other objects in the portrait paints a thousand words.

Are your portraits made out of your very creative minds? When you painted your mother one time did you make her pose still for about an hour just like what other artists do? Given a photo can you also convert it into an oil painting portrait?

I’d also like to share with you my favorite art quotation: It takes a creative mind to capture the real essence of portrait photography.

I may not be able to see the real portraits per se but by just looking at them through blogs and other internet pages, I know very well that Hockney is a master.


Patti Digh

loved this - i'm a Hockney fan and would love to see this show - I
particularly love his sets for Operas...

regretfully, the conference I was scheduled to speak at in Boston has been
cancelled - it was a first attempt by the organizers and I believe their
marketing efforts were too late to succeed - so, we'll have to meet another

Janice O'Keefe

Reading the story, I was imagining being there to see. Your writing is
vivid, like the artist's work. Will try to go. (Gardner Museum is more
intimate but things don't change much, per Isabella's will. During the
season, Sat and Sunday afternoon concerts in the Tapestry Room are quite
wonderful, though.) Thank you.

Susaan Straus

I had a lovely time at the MFA this morning.  There were a million people there for mother's day - lots of families and the folks were standing about 6 deep in front of each picture - is it always like that?  Anyhow, it was not a problem; I took your advice and got a little gizmo for the tour and enjoyed hearing about it all - I wanted to hear about the tulips that were alway present on the table in his earlier drawings, and I came away happy for David that he seemed to have developed a greater tolerance for intimacy as he grew older - I noticed that in all the earlier double portraits, the 2 people were very separate - ignoring each other or barely co-existing, but in the later ones from 2005, his people seem to be conversing, in dialogue, even touching one  another.  Do you think he has begun hanging out with nicer people, or just that he's seeing things in his world from a different place?  

Anyhow, I hung out with the impressionists for awhile before leaving and browsed through the gift shop - always a wonderful diversion. I so miss beautiful things when I am in Chile - the natural world notwithstanding.  And then I ended my visit by longing for a civilized dining experience in the lovey 2nd floor restaurant some day. 

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