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January 16, 2008



Hi Paul,

As an aside, Sally and I had exactly the same experience and feelings when Ronnie found us at a Celtics game not too long ago. As I'm in a period of reflection as well, I appreciated your comments.
Both kids always kept us vital.

Thanks for the reminder,


It is so true and for the few who actually get the chance to tell you this, there are the very many more out there in the world who would,and have said to others, those exact same words.


Wonderful, Paul. I taught very ED little kids on psych wards, and wonder if they are even alive today and in which hospital they are now. Very dysfunctional families, little hope for good future. Always wished I could have had some feedback from kids grown up. My reward is thinking back to the little plays we used to put on on the unit. Probably some of the best memories for those poor kids.


Your enduring impact on these two young men must give you such a good feeling about your years of teaching.  I find it really inspiring as I now seek to embark on this effort in my own life.  


Great story! How many times over the years I've thought of particular students and wished I knew what had become of them.


Hi Paul.

This warmed my heart. Having had similar experiences it meant a lot to me to have it written-up by you.--You continue your good work!!!


Debbie S

Oh! This made me cry - in a good way. And smile. Nothing those boys said
about your influence on them surprises me one bit.


You should feel real proud. Great job, teach!


That is just wonderful. It brought tears to my eyes. Hopefully you will meet Jimmy's fiancee too, at another game, and you will see what a wise choice he made. I will let you know which game I am going to next and maybe you will come too. Best, Rita


I enjoyed the Boys to Men - wow, huh? Fun to see where people end up!!

Rich W



How heartwarming to read about you students - that is truly the essence
of it all- it was so easy to lose that when drilling the multiplication
tables. You've got untold stories everywhere. Hope all is going well.
I so enjoy you articles - what a spectrum! Keep 'em coming. Love,

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