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August 11, 2008



Another wonderful title. You captured the place and the scene perfectly. I especially like "...our goofy grins at the utter joy of finding this place." I told you it would be like nothing you've ever experienced. Glad you liked it so much.


Thank you for sharing your recent experiences in Cajun country. I could practically feel the music and the dancing. You are truly an inspired writer.


Photos very nice..... They are expressive, you can feel the excitement and warm feelings by the smiles on all the people's faces.

Rose Anne

Hi Paul,
I'm glad you had such a wonderful time in Louisiana  My only time there was in April-May 2005 for the last New Orleans Jazzfest before Katrina.  Linda and I also went to Lafayette searching for Zydeco dancing, but we were there at the wrong time of the week (Thurs., I believe).  (However, we didn't look for a morning coffee dance!) This area and its music is indeed very special!


Paul- What a treat to receive this! Your piece gives testimony to what happens when one is open to life and its surprise delights. I'm so happy for you that you made this trip. Look forward to seeing you when you get back and having a dance! By the way, who was the band?


I moved to Lafayette a 18 months ago, just for the love of Zydeco dancing, and have not regreted it for a moment.

Before moving here, if anyone had ever told me that I would get up early on a Saturday morning willingly for any reason, I would have thought them insane.

I have only missed going to Cafe three times in 18 months, and only because I was traveling somewhere else to dance.

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