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January 18, 2009



Dear Paul,
I felt the warmth and pleasure over the miles and was delighted to "hear from you".
Your writing is wonderful, so full of beautiful ways to describe, to engage me in reading. Thanks so much.
I'm so glad you are enjoying your Chilean visit. Keep soaking up those rays of good socializing, good food, good sun for the rest of us.


I admit to not always having the time to read all of your messages, but I read this one from beginning to end and found myself transported to the feet of the Andes.  You write beautifully and I feel honored to remain on your e-mail list after all these years.  What a wonderful and beautiful adventure.


These 2 articles are just wonderful. I read the birthday one to Ricardo and he was delighted. He loved it. Thank you so much.


Not only did I enjoy your descriptions of life in Chile, but it threw
me back to my year in Quito, especially the intergenerational
connections at all events. It is a slice of S. American life to be
embraced! Thanks.

Erica Gardner

I loved your vivid account of Ricardo's birthday party. And the photos were great too. I can see why you love to write - what a gift you have!
All the best and with fond memories of your Pucón visit, Erica


I have to confess that I don't read all the postings you send me, but
I was curious about a Chilean birthday party so I read this one. It
may be your finest. Beautiful.


Hi Paul.
I LOVE these updates! It expands my horizons, which is always great.

Dotti Dierolf

Hi Paul! I am Susaan's cousin in Ct. After reading your posting I wondered why haven't I gone down there. I almost felt the warm breeze and smelled the blossoms. Thanks for sharing the experience. Dotti

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