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February 19, 2010


Susaan Straus

These paragraphs are hilarious!! Enjoy your trip!

"The clackity-clack staccato of steel horseshoes rings closer. The crowd edges back to the sidewalk. So would you if you saw over fifty well-oiled men in colorful home-made costumes and varying levels of control of themselves and their horses heading your way. The horses are excited. The horsemen are half cocked."

"Whoa! They’re standing up on their saddles! One of them is attempting a handstand. Chicken feathers are flying. The Capitaines, in charge of the wild bunch of cavorting cowboys, order the crowd to stay clear. One Capitaine, identifiable by his purple cloak, uses his horse to block an inebriated kid from riding his horse up onto the sidewalk. Music from the flatbed is blaring. Riders, hailed by their friends and family – whoop it up, stand up in their saddles, fall off, get back up and try again."

Paul Tamburello aka pt at large

Thank you:) I read my journal, checked photos, let it steep for a several days then began to write from memory. Using the photos with captions at the end of the story helped me include conversations that give me a deeper understanding of the unique people in Louisiana.

May Louise White

Hi Paul,

You really do justice to the Mardi Gras festivities in Mamou. Similar festivities are held in Eunice, Iota, etc. I always like to go to the country on Mardi Gras Day......so much fun.
Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful story with me.

Gerard M. McMahon

Thank you for sharing brings back memories! Enjoy!

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