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March 11, 2010



Good one - I like when you're choosy about what you like.


Thanks! I really appreciate your reviews, so I can save my pennies for the good ones.


Sometimes they make me mad. If you've got a good story JUST TELL IT . If you've got good ACTORS THEY KNOW HOW. LET THEM DO IT !!


You've summed up the experience well. I wish I had been given tickets to "Stick Fly" instead.....


From my thoughts to your email! You have put into words my exact thoughts. Loved reading this.

Bambi Good

just closed down my computer to look at some of this week's papers and came across today's g section with Louise Kennedy's not very positive review of "Paradise" in which she said she was quite confused by some of the things we were... if you don't have the Globe, and you want to see her review, you can check boston.com for "ART's 'Paradise' gets lost". The program notes were actually much more interesting to me than the review. Bambi

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