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June 05, 2010



Yes, yes, yes! A truly remarkable event and you've captured it without a bit of hyperbole! That's really how it was!!

Ms Benes

Great write up to a fantastic party. You captured it most perfectly!

Kit Holliday

That girl with the lungs of kevlar is Dana Shellmire. :) Absolutely amazing.


Thanks, Kit,
I'll add her name into the set list. And I'll correct my spelling of your name!

Phil Woodbury

Great descriptions, as always; good to see you there, as always.

A little correction; "It's All Right" is by Curtis Mayfield, from I believe 1963.


Ahhh, good to have observant readers. I just corrected the play list. Thank you, Phil!


Great review of this gathering. Sorry I missed it!


You and Liz would have loved the music, Neal. You would have had a field day with your camera,too.


fabulous review of a treasure I wish I had known about - but now do - so can you let me know next time you are going to go to hear Fred? (I'll never go alone and I don't know whom else to ask!)
And, it turns out you know and share your writing with Simone's blog http://stillsavvy.wordpress.com/2010/05/10/still-the-man-at-sixty/ (apparently you're the honorary male).
I have known her a bit for a few years, but I've just now seen her blog and see all our connections

Gail Nickse

Hi Paul,
This is a great article!!!
I love your imagery and choice of words.
You captured the magic of the evening in vivid detail.
Reading it was nearly as fun as living it!

Fred is thrilled (of course) with the adulation.

Thank you for your contribution.


Hi Gail, Thanks for the positive feedback. Everyone I talked to during and after the show was struck by the great energy ricocheting around the room from all quarters...the band, Fred, you, the Mass Whole Notes, Kit Holliday, an outoftheblue solo from Dana Shellmire, and the audience.

A special night, indeed. The "Prez" Susan Sullivan did a great job of alerting the troops and boy oh boy did they love it.

It's pretty rewarding for me when you comment "Reading it was nearly as fun as living it!" Look forward to hearing more good music from you and Fred.

Janet Schwartz

Hi Paul,
Just read your great blog on Fred and it hit me that this "new idea" of chronocling my life (as an observer) of live music and other cultural events is not new at all.

I would love to talk to you some time about this as I am still a newbie and it seems you've been doing this for awhile. And doing it well, it seems.(One of my first video blogs was of Fred with Ronnie Earl).

Steve Morse

Thanks so much for sending this, Susan. I loved it! Paul has a great flair in his writing -- and a great love and compassion toward Freddy. A job well done. It was nice to meet him. Please send my regards. Hope to see him again.

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr

Let's talk. I'd love to learn what you're up to with your video blogs.

Paul aka pt at large

Hey Group,
Loved listening to you at Fred Griffeth's Bday bash at Toad. What's your connection with Fred? Am writing a blog story about the party and would appreciate a bit of background.

Mass Whole Notes

So glad you enjoyed listening, we really enjoyed singing. It was so great to see everyone singing along. The connection really is toad, one of our members caroline, its her favorite place. She has been going on Wednesday nights and listening to fred for a while. They got to chatting a few weeks ago and fred asked if we would come sing for his birthday, so we did. If you wouldn't mind, send us a link to the blog when its up. Let me know if I can answer and more questions.


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