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June 30, 2010


Red Cotton

I'm so touched by your review of our places Paul - thank you so very much for coming, paying attention, exalting the nuances and for caring deeply about the kind of life we work so hard to preserve. It truly matters - as does New Orleans.

Bill Ives

Great post. I am very jealous having watched Treme multiple times.


Hi I'm Lil' Bullet, I do my work behind the scenes and let my dad handle the spotlight. I'm glad you loved the place and I loved your article, I will forward it to my dad. Just letting you know that the waitress that rapped with Kermit, her name is Baby Jaye. It's all good though..hopefully the name was misunderstood on behalf of some influential spirits! And I don't mean no ghosts.

Paul aka pt at large

Hi Lil' Bullet,
Thanks for your mail. I'm really pleased you liked my article, makes me feel like I got the spirit of your special place right. I'll try to find you "behind the scene" next time I come to Bullet's Sports Bar. And if I drink one fewer Bud Lights, I might get everyone's name right!


Wonderful Article!! We had a ball at Bullet's! Everyone was fun-loving and welcoming as New Orleanians always are...And Kermit's gigs seem to carry that vibe no matter where they take place as well. Most of the sweetest nights my Mom and I have had around town are places that "others" say not to go! I'm like you...haven't been to a spot where I wasn't made to feel at home in NO!

Paul aka pt at large

Hi Emmy,
I had the feeling that Bullet's Sports Bar was like that every time Kermit played - fun loving and welcoming people. Glad you had the same feeling about that place and others (that some people discourage you from going to) and the regulars who go there from the neighborhood.
If you head out into southwest Louisiana, you'll find welcoming people at places that feature Cajun and Zydeco music and dancing. I wonder what other places you visited where you and your mom had such sweet times.

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