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June 16, 2010


Barbara Hopcroft

Thanks, Paul, for all you do!

Barbara Hopcroft
Patient Services Manager
ALS Association Massachusetts Chapter

Phil Adams

Paul, This looks great!!

Kim Cromwell

We remember when it was just you.... Amazing. You're an inspiration, as are the others who carry the tradition, and the caregivers, and the people who are living with ALS....

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr.

Thank you, Kim,
I recall knocking on your door in Provincetown in 1998 and introducing myself to you and your spontaneous response to come down and join us as we read the Roll Call of Honorary Riders on the jetty at the end of Route 6A. Special times, special memories, special people. I'm so gratified that through the efforts of many that the ride endures these years since I retired from active fund raising in 2004, having originated the Positive Spin in 1995.

The participation of Pete Farricker's friends and former team mates this year to mark the tenth anniversary of his death from ALS was just the kind of energetic infusion the ride needed. The fact they organized mini events, "Spirit Rides," all over the country showed they are thinking out of the box. I look forward to whatever they plan for next year and will be here to cheer them on.

Myke Farricker and Sam Trumbo, entering his third year at Johns Hopking, and I have been making a 'Post Spin Spin' from Wellfleet to Ptown for the past four years.

Sam's dad, Doug Trumbo, a well loved EMT in Provincetown, died of the disease. You've met Sam and his mom Susan Lyman at the Roll Call a few times. I'll let you know when we settle on a date this year in August.

Kim Cromwell

I remember that well. Nice to see the photo of grown up Sam Trumbo. Sam's sister's high school graduation photo was in the paper with her mom this week!

The years go on....

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