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August 26, 2010



Katrina, the gift that keeps on giving. What amazes me is why any one would continue to celebrate a failure of government, that is the levees failure to with stand a Cat 5 hurricane as advertized by the Army Corp of Engineers. Katrina did not devastate New Orleans. Katrina veered to the east before reaching New Orleans. The city was hit by the west side of Katrina, the less devastation side of a hurricane. Some speculate that the city was hit with the force of a Cat 3. Look at the news that emanated immediately after Katrina passed. The city made it through. What happened next, hours later, was levee failures, ones built by a government agency.


Yes. Amen brother, Amen. What a lovely piece. Thanks for sharing that Paul.

Paul aka pt at large

Thanks, Ms Bloomington Girl,
Every time I visit this fascinating city I try to peel back one more layer to see what's inside. There are truly beautiful layers and ugly layers. The wonder of the city is that it can acknowledge the total unvarnished package and keep on keeping on. It's the people who produce the music and the food and the friendliness that make this city special.

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