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August 12, 2010


Bernard U.

this is truly great stuff .... you need to make sure you get this onto Facebook ........

do you have a FB account ?


Thank you, Bernard! I can hardly keep up with my email and blog writing - don't have a FaceBook account. I wonder if it's possible for someone on FB to post a link to my blog or whether I need a FB account in order to be linked? Will investigate.


Absolutely one of your best. Your use of the present tense draws the reader right along as the story unfolds. Revealing who they are little by little is like watching you unwrap a present. Irresistable.

Joanne Y

WOW!!! I love this article. These guys have it all and they are so darn down to earth and unassuming about their accomplishments. Doesn't sound like there's a big head in the bunch!!! That Candlelight Lounge is something else, though. You never know who you will run into in those cozy little dives, I guess.... Treme has not changed them at all it seems even though the show emphasizes the unique N'Orleans sound that they play and showcases their talent. Guess it isn't Hollywood, huh!!!!!


Thanks, Joanne.
These people are unassuming, accessible, and down to earth. If they sense your interest is real, not on their fame but on their accomplishments or talents, they connect with you in a way I haven't experienced anywhere else on the planet. You're right, no big egos that fence them off from people like me.
The music on Treme is a unifying force that holds together all the separate and distinct characters and their stories.

Nope, this aint Hollywood. As a cab driver said to me one night, "You're not in Ameica, you're not in Louisiana, you're in NEW ORLEANS!"



This is one of your best entries. I felt like I was there. I'm going to look for some of Benny's/Treme's music. Love it, love it, love it!


Wow, Neal, a writer loves a response like that. Other music to look for might be from Kermit Ruffins, I've heard that his Live at Vaughn's CD is good, Rebirth Jazz Band, which Kermit co-founded in 1983, and of course Treme Brass Band.
You can get a good sense of the whole quilt of New Orleans music by tuning in to WWOZ online (explore their web site while you're there). Have fun. Let me know what you discover and like.
Click http://www.fqfi.org/satchmosummerfest/satchmo2010print_info.pdf.
Check out these artists who played during the weekend - all of 'em were in top form.


Uncle Lionel is the coolest! Great article! Was just telling a friend who loves TREME that all the musicians I've met in NO are Real People who are sweet and friendly. Makes you feel so lucky to get to converse and hang out with such talent. Keep up the GREAT coverage ;)

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