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August 02, 2010



This was great. I've been curious about their food. Now I know.

Paul aka pt at large

Go with two or three others and you'll be able to sample a good swath of Ana Sortun's creations. Leave room for dessert.

Oleana pastry chef Maura Kilpatrick opened Hi-Rise Bread Company and Hi-Rise Pie Company in 1999. In 2001, Kilpatrick teamed up with Sortun to open Oleana. Her desserts combine eastern and western Mediterranen influences and lots of surprises your taste buds will applaud.


Hi Paul,

Ana is a dear friend of mine and you’ve done her justice with this piece! We celebrated Jess’s birthday there at 18 and again this year at 24. Oleana is one of those special places……………

Happy Birthday, dear Leo twin of mine!

Paul aka pt at large

Hey Diana,
Oleana is a terrific place to celebrate an occasion, isn't it.

It is one of the great restaurants where you stop mid bite because your taste buds have entered an enchanted forest of delight and you try to pinpoint the name of that spice that's on the tip of your tongue.
Happy Birthday!

Chris McArdle

We were just at Bayside thinking we wouldnt see you and why would you be down south in the summer! So love your blogs. I'm now in England visiting aunt with broken hip. Chris

Paul aka pt at large

The Bayside in Westport is a great home style restaurant with fresh seafood and great homemade pies. Isn't the view of Buzzards Bay exquisite! Hope your auntie heals quickly. Thanks for the response.


Hi Paul,
Your description of your birthday dinner has my mouth watering.
I'm heading there on my next trip to Boston. My youngest daughter just moved to Union St in Cambridge.
We hit Emma's Pizza on Hampshire St after moving the furniture in, great thin crust pizza.
Next trip it's Oleana!
Best regards,

Paul aka pt at large

It's a far cry from Emma's, which I will put on my list of places to try, but I hope your Oleana experience matches mine for extraordinary taste combinations and presentation. Please let me know your opinion when you visit there.

Sarah Cross Mills

You had me on the description of the first appetizer! This place sounds amazing! The menu is so appealing and unusual.

Glad to know your birthday was celebrated with these gustatory delights.

I hope you sent your non-review review to the restaurant. Despite (or maybe because of) your usual 'diet', you sure have the knack for describing how this unique food affected your tastebuds - you could get a gig as a food writer, I swear....

Paul aka pt at large

Thank you for the kind words, ma'am! I had as much fun writing about it as I did eating there! I appreciate the "feedback"!

Bill P.

Greetings from France

BTW. One of our favorite restaurants.

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