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December 03, 2010



Great descriptions! I could feel the heat of the dance floor and the energy of the crowd. You've done it again!

Paul aka pt at large

This little place creates a piece of Zydeco heaven every Saturday morning. You and Liz would love it.

Phil Woodbury

I could feel the floor shakin' and my feet flyin'. Just forwarded this to a friend in NOLA who first took me to Cafe des Amis a couple of years ago. I left with great memories and a coffee cup which holds my morning caffeine.

Paul aka pt at large

Phil, this place never fails to inspire me. Consistently great music, friendly dancers of every age, race, religion, and demographic. I'm going to look for a Cafe des Amis coffee mug tomorrow. It would certainly add a smile to my morning routine. Like you, I've never forgotten my first visit there. Thanks for the comment.

Judy Kaye

Since I know this will not appear until the author has approved ...

Hi Paul!
Here is Judy Kaye - faintly remember me?
If so, it would be wonderful to connect with you again.

Sarah Cross Mills

Has the state tourism board found out about you yet? If not, when they do, they'll realize you're the best free PR person they could ever dream about.

All of your posts for the past months have been catnip for us armchair travelers, but the last one about dancing at 8:30 on Saturday morning, and meeting those musicians and lapping up the genuine openness and friendliness of the people - ooohhh! Not that I hadn't already understood the pull of the place for you, but I really felt it myself with that one.

The joy in your life and your writing, shared with us, your readers, is truly a gift. Too bad "most of us poor slobs" (as someone once said, I think) haven't found equal sources of pleasure to fill our lives...but your writing is an inspiration that might help us move in that direction.

Have a joyful holiday season, wherever you might be. We had our first light dusting this morning, and the city looks so festive, with huge wreaths lined up along several blocks of old brick buildings, a tree as big as Rockefeller Center's on the main square downtown, and a local artist's light sculptures of varying shapes and nontraditional colors scattered throughout the city.

Rebecca Wilson

Love it!

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