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March 06, 2011


Bernard Ussher

excellent Paul -
once again you truly captured the spirit of life here around Lafayette ....well done .... and well written.

Melinda Wilson

Paul, great article. I am really missing Mardi Gras this year, enjoy the food :-).


Mishy Lesser

Hey, Paul. When you return home, we've got to get together with my good friend and fellow Watertownian, Ken Mirvis (lives through the woods and around the corner). I've been sending him your Mardi Gras blogs and he asked me to pass this along to you. Have you discovered this place?

The joy from your messages is contagious and I'm so happy you are there.

Ken Mirvis


Pass a message on to Paul:

If his travels take him back toward New Orleans through Baton Rouge, he MUST stop for a meal at Hymel’s in Convent. It is my single favorite restaurant in the U.S. The crawfish bisque is simply unbelievable, as is the ambience (along with damn near everything on the menu).

It is a combination Goodyear Tire store, gas station, and seafood restaurant.

I attached two pictures for him. It is right on River Road near Gonzales, about 40 minutes or so south of Baton Rouge.

Paul aka pt at large

Mishy and Ken,
Thanks for the feedback - literally from Ken! I'll put Hymel's in Gonzales on a future itinerary. Ken's photos of the place and the dish of crawfish are gorgeous.

May Louise White

Hi Paul,

You have really caught the true essence of the weekly jam session at Marc Savoy's!!!!! Until one has been there and felt the spirit and warmth and soaked up all the wonderful old music, it is almost impossible to comprehend the real scope of this event. But, you, with your amazing talent with words, have done just that for your readers.

Happy Mardi Gras,

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