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March 26, 2011


Mary Seppi

Great writing Paul, very nice read.


wow! Thank you so much for having a mind and heart better equipped to do the job than your pen-in-the-dark are. I'm going to find her site and look for her return to the area - or is she here? I haven't looked yet! I'd go to hear her in a heartbeat. I hope your health is a match for your energy and spirit and generosity.

Paul  Tamburello aka pt at large

Writing with virtually no help from my notes was challenging. A friend invited me to come to the concert - and helped me reconstruct the playlist.
A Susan Werner live performance in a place with good acoustics showcases the range of her impressive voice better than on her CDs. Her cabaret style songs are best examples of the emotional wallop her voice can convey. Her concerts in April stretch from San Francisco to White River Junction, VT, which looks as close as she'll be to Boston for a while.
Keep checking her website for upcoming concerts - I know I will. (http://www.susanwerner.com/)

Paul  Tamburello aka pt at large

seeing/hearing is believing...check out this "EPK" (electronic press release) I just found on her website

Mark Engelberg

Hey there. Nice review! We're big fans. Had wanted to be there but couldn't make it. Would have been fun running into you.

Susan Sullivan

youtubed her Paul...she's great. S

Paul  Tamburello aka pt at large

Yes, that 'epk' electronic press kit on her web site shows the range of Werner's styles and her visceral but charming commitment to the music she sings. That's the Susan Werner who showed up in Natick. She's the real deal.

Cathleen Cavanaugh

Hi Paul,
Great to hear from you. I thoroughly enjoy reading all the news of your travels, near and far. Thanks for keeping on your list!
Hope all is well with you. Keep these stories coming!

Paul aka pt at large

Yes I've heard Patty Larkin in person, wonderful musician/songwriter, great amusing stage presence, terrific voice. I'll bet she put on a good show...true?

cliff seltzer

my name is cliff seltzer,susan werner"s manager. thank you for such a glowing write up! i must say the first time i heard this recording i knew we has something very special. this is susan and the band at their absolute best. thanks for your kind words

Paul Tamburello aka pt at large

This was a remarkably luminous concert. The dynamics between Susan,stand up bass player Gail Ann Dorsey and percussionist Trina Hamlin and between the band and the audience were especially rich, spontaneous, and totally authentic.
This was more than a concert, it was an unforgettable experience.

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