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May 23, 2011


Coerte Voorhies

good show----you did good---you could state that mother nature wii heal the swamp asap

Coerte Voorhies

Kim's camp will have 3-5 feet of water as it is on the Atchafalaya river itself. We moved everything to the second floor.

Paul Tamburello aka pt at large

I will check in with you later in the week. This link shows Cow Island, the Atchafalaya River,and the Mississippi River to the east of it. Toggle the icon top left of page to zoom or see larger scale. Situation still seems pretty grave to me.

May Louise White

Yes, Paul, the rising water makes us all sad around here. Whiskey River Landing shut down 3 weeks ago because the power company cut off all the electricity in the Butte LaRose area as a precaution. The WRL owners removed everything they could, including the big coolers, etc and are hoping for the best. Who knows when or even if that wonderful place will be able to reopen?

I, too, have taken a wonderful swamp tour, also greatly enjoyed an air boat ride through the swamp several years ago.....talk about skimming along! Just hope the swamp will be able to get back to its normal beautiful state after all of the water has receded.

Weather here has gotten very warm.....in the low 90's today. It has been weeks since we have had any rain, Lafayette is 10 inches down on the average yearly amount so far. Consequently, I have to get out the hose and water my vegetable garden every day.

Paul Tamburello aka pt at large

May Louise, Tom Maguire sent me this link to a story that reports Angelle's Whiskey River Landing closed down b/c of the rising waters. Whiskey River is a magnet for dancers from all over the country. Here's a 2009 story I wrote about it.

The link to Lafayette's The Advertiser is below. Let's hope for the best.

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