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May 11, 2011


Suzanne Kavet

So move there already!

Barbara Widett

- your stories are always worth waiting for.............

Paul Tamburello aka pt at large

And comments like yours are always worth receiving!

Jeff Kelly Lowenstein

What a fun way to start the morning!

I'm telling you: we may be reading soon about a house sale in Westport and a purchase in New Orleans ...

I just said to myself that I had to give you a call today and will do so soon.

Paul Tamburello aka pt at large

Maybe not a house but I recently was upgraded to a "Gold" member of American Airlines. The flight crews to Louisiana must know me by sight by now!

Aaron D

Paul, my name is Aaron and we met last year at Bullets and later Rock & Bowl. Anyway, sorry I miss your trip this year. We were around one another all the time at the Jazz Fest, judging by your writings. I know everyone in the picture you showed . Sidney and (his wife) Vaughn are the ones that lived in N.Y. and are a part of the Jazz Fest family. Juan is another friend and a long time sound man for the fest
Anyway, next time you come this way, shoot me a e-mail and we'll go dance to Zydeco at R&B.

Paul Tamburello aka pt at large

Great to hear from you, Aaron, of course I remember meeting you and your friends, one from Philadelphia, at Bullet's then the Rock n Bowl two nights later. We both love to dance and you told me you'd begun learning to Tango, very impressive.

What's more impressive, maybe on the order of a minor miracle, is that you know the people i happened to connect with out of the blue, chatted with and photographed - Sidney, Juan, and Vaughn. There were tens of thousands of people at Jazz Fest. I know a dozen people, tops, who live in New Orleans. To think that one of them knows three people I talked to by chance... well, those are on the scale of PowerBall odds!

Simply amazing...but stuff like this happens in New Orleans, which is why I love the city.... it's the people that make it special.

Thanks for the mail. I'll be sure to shoot you an email next time i head down there - Rock n Bowl, here I come!

May Louise White


This is such a touching piece. Almost brought tears to my eyes. You have such a wonderful way with words................ may I tell you that once again?

I am so happy living here, and the wonderful, friendly people you describe are a large part of it. When I moved here my new friends were so kind and helpful to me when I was looking for a place to live and trying to get settled. Then add all the music, food, festivals, etc., to the mix and it is like heaven on earth.

Paul Tamburello aka pt at large

Since coming down to Louisiana in 2008, I've witnessed the mix of music, food,and festivals, topped off by the extraordinary friendliness of the people...I can see why you call it 'heaven on earth'! I appreciate your comments.

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