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June 25, 2011


Carolyn Liesy

This sounded like so much fun! I would love to see or do this.


Would have enjoyed participating as I've kayaked both east and west sides. You should have mentioned Mother Naure as she did provide a small knot advantage on the incoming tide.

Paul aka pt at large

Actually, some folks came just to watch the action at the start or finish. The energy level, especially at the start, is pretty cool. You'd love an event like this, Carolyn!

Paul aka pt at large

Good point, Jeff. The organizers always pick a Saturday in June that has an incoming current in the morning. For anyone who's paddled, that's a huge advantage over several miles. The Challenge Races paddle the first three miles against the tidal current then do a 180 loop and return 3.5 miles to the finish at the Head of Westport, that's as far as a boat can paddle on the river.

 Neal Skorka

This is great, Paul. Your article makes me want to be there. Did you do any paddling yourself? It all sounds like good, solid fun.

Paul aka pt at large

Thanks, Neal!
I've written stories for the local newspapers for this event since it began in 2004 so I don't participate. Besides, my notepad and camera would probably become sacrificial lambs by the time the paddling was over given my level of expertise. I missed reporting on the event last year since I was in Louisiana that day. I've been bouncing all over the place lately...Westport, Plymouth, Watertown, and spent lots of March and beginning of April at Mardi Gras in southwest Louisiana and at Jazz Fest in New Orleans. Will be in New Orleans twice in August.

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