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June 29, 2011


Gail Nickse

Paul....you have such a gift for writing.
More importantly, perhaps, you have the gift for experiencing the WHOLE event in flawless sensory detail.

Reading about it was easily as much fun as living it.

I am going to suggest to Fred that you be anointed Fandango's own, "Apostle Paul"!!

Paul aka pt at large

Many thanks, Gail,
This is high praise, especially from you, someone in the midst of the whole evening, and deeply connected to musicians and audience alike.
Writers are like musicians. We thrive on feedback, bask in the positive, learn from the negative, and keep doing what we love to do. Your comment about experiencing the WHOLE event in flawless sensory detail makes me feel great, that I accomplished what I set out to do .... paint a picture that readers can see, feel, taste, and hear. Wow.

Clearly the music you and Fred are creating has captured the hearts of a diverse contingent of music lovers, I being one of them. I guess you could say I'm one of many "Apostles" in your following.
Thanks again for such a specific comment about the story

Susaan Straus

BRAVO ! Well worth waiting for!

Susan Sullivan

Thanks once again to Paul Tamburello for his extraordinary chronicle of Fred's B-Day event(his real age is still undetermined)...make sure to pull up the online version for more pictures...Paul writes a super blog... I urge all of you to sign up.

Paul aka pt at large

Thanks for sending this out to your list, Susan. Hope to hear some response from others who were there or wish they had been there!

Belle Brett

Truly an inspirational night, as it always is! Thank you, Fred, for giving us some mid-week revelry.

Paul aka pt at large

So true, Belle. The great thing about the revelry is we're all part of it...Fred, the band, the celebrants packed into the tiny bar shimmying in their seats, or dancing in the aisle, or standing in the back with big grins on faces and cold drinks in hand. Hallejulah.

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