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 A Streetcar Maestro »

July 21, 2011


Gerard M. McMahon

Thank you for showing me anothe place to visit when I return to NOLA....

Paul aka pt at large

With the friendly people who like to tell and listen to stories...this would be your kind of place!

Rebecca Wilson

A great love letter to New Orleans and you perfectly captured the experience. Remember your spontaneous dance with those two women on the sidewalk?

Paul aka pt at large

Yes, I do! They got up to do some kind of line dance after they finished their basket of crawfish. The spirit of New Orleans just floated me right over to the sidewalk and I joined right in - they laughed and started counting out the steps, how cool was that!

May Louise White

Loved this piece on Ray's New Boom Boom Room. I went to college in New Orleans and then lived there a number of years after I got married.........probably 13 or 14 years in all. New Orleans will always be one of my favorite cities. I never tire of hearing anecdotes and stories or just about anything about New Orleans....and anything you write is always special.

Think it is about time for you to be making another trip to Acadiana. The CFMA (Cajun French Music Association, but then, you probably already know this) Festival will be held in Cade in August. Festival Acadiana and the Blackpot Festival will be in the fall. But, as you also know, there are always good dance events going on here any time.

Paul aka pt at large

Well, May Louise, New Orleans is certainly one of the most unique cities in the world, we agree on that. And this gives us even more to talk about next time I visit Lafayette, which cannot come too soon. Thanks for your comments.
The son of my former student, journalist Jeff Kelly Lowenstein, is headed for Tulane this year. I can't wait to hear how their son Aidan takes to New Orleans and how Jeff and his wife Dunreith get to know the city when they visit him.


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