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July 30, 2011


 May Louise White

All I can say about this piece is a gigantic AMEN at the end of a joyous Hallelujah Chorus! Just love the food at at The Taco Sisters! One of my friends worked in the kitchen for a while and had only good things to say about what went on inside.

Bill Pignato

Hi Paul
Great piece Really enjoyed. I wanted to have two smoked shrimp tacos for breakfast.

Paul aka pt at large

You wouldn't regret it, Bill, and if you're a fan of smoked brisket, you might be tempted to start with that. These sisters are smokin' good!

Paul aka pt at large

Great 'feedback' about this wonderful little place, May Louise. They fit several sous chefs inside the teeny place, being able to get along in tight quarters must be as important as knowing how to slice and dice!
Will invite you to join me there for lunch next time I'm in Lafayette!

Molly Richard

Paul, thank you so much for the wonderful write-up of your experience! We are so grateful that you came and took the time to write about us!
We are still at it - all the tables have umbrellas and we just added a shade awning for our front porch order area. The gardens are struggling in the heat, but we filled them with zinnias in May and they're still blooming away. We ourselves finally succumbed to the heat on the back porch this month - we covered the screens with plastic and installed some air conditioning. Much better!
We're just working every day to make it better for our customers and staff, and we'll never compromise on the high quality of the food.
I hope you'll be back in Lafayette soon and we'll get to feed you again! You are always, always welcome at Taco Sisters!!!

Thanks again,


Paul aka pt at large

Hi Molly and Katie,
I could tell food mattered to you both as soon as I took my first bite of my smoked shrimp po boy. I love your commitment to using as much local produce and seafood as possible and your visible proclamations that you're doing it - and I appreciated the time you spent filling me in on your business.
I look forward to seeing the changes you've made and glad to hear the zinnias are nearly indestructibie. Clearly, you have a customer base that is loyal, and rewards your efforts by showing up daily for their Taco Fix.
And It's great that I have a friend like Bernard Ussher who lets me in on great places to visit while in and around Lafayette.
My mouth is watering in anticipation of my next visit to the Taco Sisters!

katy richard

Thanks, Paul, your review really makes my heart swell. We really do strive to make our customers happy, that's what it is all about - And the food, of course!! Hope to see you again soon, we look forward to feeding you.

Best Regards, Katy

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