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July 14, 2011


Joe Maglitta

Great fun piece ( as usual) Paul! Makes me regret I didnt make it down for the opening. Next year perhaps... And I love the term "mono-tasking"...Keep up the great pieces...

Paul aka pt at large

Many thanks,especially coming from a wordsmith like you. Yes, one look at the faces of the rummagers and I could see a single mindedness of purpose prevailed. Trust me, no one was texting or tweeting while fixed on their task under the tents. Mono-tasking all the way!

Kevin Lee

Congratulations! A great article and wonderful photos! The photos you sent the last time were just great too. After viewing your pics the photographer in me realizes that it is great to have another person's take and "point of view" when it comes to images.As a meeting member and person who works with children professionally and within ministry settings, I consciously have to remind myself to take a broader view of a given scene and keep the viewing public in mind when I take a series of images. When I'm taking shots at our book fair, I'm usually jamming it in between doing other things too, when I'd really rather just concentrate fully on visitors for hours on end with my camera!

So with this said, how would you feel about having some of your images on our Meeting's Web site (www.westportfriendsmeeting.org) in a section that promotes our annual Book Fair? I would, of course, assign credit to you, etc.I'm the meeting's Web site guy too, so you know.

I will also link to your article in shorelines too.

Again, thank you for doing such a great job in capturing the sense and spirit of our annual Book Fair in both print and image!

Paul aka pt at large

You and Greg Marsello and the whole "team" work like crazy during that first morning of the Book Fair - the energy in the air when that 11AM whistle blows is electric. It's rewarding and, as you know, challenging, to capture images of that energy, that concentration, and that sense of fun. I've looked forward to finding it every year and it never disappoints. I get a kick out of watching you dispense "designer bags," plastic from Lees Market, to buyers with an armload of books and no way to carry them and watching other members on your team at the food tent and the cash registers. You all work hard. I know you've been preparing for the day for the previous fifty two weeks!

I feel quite honored have my photos and my Shorelines story used on your web site. As you might have seen, there are lots of photos on my blog, feel free to use any of them. Let me know if you need anything else.

Thanks again for your compliments about my "point of view" with my camera and my writing - very rewarding.

Kevin Lee

Hello Paul,

Thanks again for your great story and photos, and for graciously allowing our meeting to use them on our site.

I've posted a piece about this on our Web site at http://www.westportfriendsmeeting.org, which directs folks to your article in Shorelines, and to your blog.

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