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August 29, 2011


Rebecca Wilson

Great post. Really captures how it is. And excellent restraint on photos. { : This is the one perfect one for the article.

Paul aka pt at large

Great compliment coming from a Baton Rouge native, thank you!
And I knew you'd give a thumbs up to the one photo rather than my usual broad collection.

May Louise White

Wonderful interview.................made me feel like I was right there by your side listening to Reggie Smith play and then chat with you.

Paul Tamburello aka pt at large

Thank you, May Louise. That was an extraordinary chance to talk and learn. The musicians here communicate with their instruments with great freedom and fluidity and are as good at communicating, answering questions and explaining stuff, as they are at playing music. That was one of the best and most informative "interviews" I've had here, a delightful spur of the moment exchange that we both enjoyed.

Richard Foster

I was reading your post and discovered a few of your posted videos which I was watching and enjoyed. You were really into the scene judging from your running commentary....

Sounds like you have been having a blast in Cajun country but I hope you are not down there this weekend during the storm. I have walked the Quarter in 2-3 feet of water (not by choice) and it was not the best. I was once having dinner in Mr. B's during a heavy rain and was startled to see someone go by the window in a kayak there was so much water in the street!

Hope to see you around the club one of these days and catch up.

Paul Tamburello aka pt at large

Hi Richard
Thanks for the response. I lucked out - was in NOLA for Irene and in Watertown and Westport for the stormy time in NOLA the past weekend. That's an amazing story about dining in New Orleans when it looked like Venice.
I must have walked by Mr B's dozens of times, I'll go in and have a meal next time!

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