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October 04, 2011


Carolyn Liesy

Totally agree.

Paul Tamburello aka pt at large

The pendulum is swinging wildly these days, isn't it? Thanks for commenting, Carolyn.

Rebecca Wilson

Or a more positive take on this is that it's a reminder of the importance of kindness, which never hurts.

Paul Tamburello aka pt at large

Agreed. How to achieve it is tricky. If the pledge ignites debate around the subject of kindness and its place on the college campus, that's a plus. I think a good ol' fashioned rally, or funky Harvard parade inviting freshmen to lead it, or a contest for the most creative skit promoting kindness would work, too.
Thanks for weighing in!

David Connor

Ave Paulus.

Paul Tamburello aka pt at large

Benigne dicis, Davide.

Mary Seppi

good one, Paul. You are right. I guess if they want a kind student body and not a lot of back stabbers and caustic aggressive talkers, they ought to recruit in grade school and groom from there. Like you say, " if you have to ask freshmen to sign a pledge to be kind, you’ve lost the battle already."

Can you submit it to the Times?

Paul Tamburello aka pt at large

Wow, you put me in good company. Thanks for the comment and the suggestion! You're right about grooming kids at an early age. I spent my career in The John Pierce School in Brookline, MA, where the staff believed in maximizing the potential of the 'whole child' - academic,social, and emotional. Developing listening skills, showing how to argue a point or disagree based on facts (not personal attack), valuing academic growth and achievement along with social awareness (empathy,for example) were all part of the teaching culture.

Nona Bock

Right on my friend!

May Louise White

Sounds most unlikely to me to be successful, like it was intended.

Tom Conry

Kindness was not very high on my agenda thruout my school years I got better at it after I left.

Paul Tamburello aka pt at large

It was there, Tom, but you didn't advertise it too conspicuously! Good to hear from you, got me thinking about PHS for a while.

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