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December 26, 2011


Herman Fuselier

Hey Paul,
Thanks for the great blog on my show. It’s not too often I get to read about myself. I had to chuckle.

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

Thanks, Herman, glad you got a chuckle out or reading about yourself - I learned so much in the two hours I got a chance to listen to your program - then was delighted to see that KRVS makes podcasts. I sent a link to the Dec 24 show to a friend of mine who hails from Baton Rouge - she said it made her feel like she was home.

Herman Fuselier

Glad you enjoyed the show. I try to make it fun and informative. Zydeco has always been influenced by mainstream music, especially blues and R&B. So I'm just trying to connect the dots.
Clifton Chenier is heralded as the King of Zydeco and rightfully so. Listen to his music and you'll hear Ray Charles, Fats Domino, Sam Cooke, Glen Miller and lots of other mainstream pioneers. Some of their songs he
simply changed to French and made local hits out of them.
Don't read too much into the Dairy Queen stuff. It's just an off-handed reference I made during a show and the next thing I know, people were telling me how much they loved it. My kids love Dairy Queen. I've told my wife I wished we lived close enough so the kids could walk and we'd have
some alone time. So one day while playing one of those great old soul ballads, I shouted out "Sending the Kids to Dairy Queen!" It's stuck ever since.
I actually work at the St. Landry Parish Visitor Information Center at exit 23 on I-49, just north of Opelousas. It's the only "green" visitor information center in Louisiana and one of the few in the United States.
Please come by for a visitor if you have time.

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

Thanks for the background, Herman.Your program showcases the music that thrives in the prairies all around Opelousas. Your comments about Clifton Chenier put the rest into perspective.
I knew there had to be a back story to the references to the Dairy Queen that you playfully inserted as voice overs on several songs - wonderful anecdote.
I'm aiming to catch up with you at the St. Landry Parish Visitor Information Center, I appreciate the invitation.

bill  Ives

I love James Brown - Try me. When I play it most people do not think it is a James Brown. I also loved Herman's show when i was in the Opelousas area and plan to try to listen to it streaming to make me feel warm now that I am back in cold Cambridge

Paul Tamburello aka pt at large

The songs Herman played on the Dec 24 program showed Brown's enormous versatility.
Now that I know where to find podcasts of Herman's show, I'll never be too far from Opelousas!

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