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December 07, 2011


Ann Baker

I can't wait to get in Town and visit there again. Thanks for the reminder.

Paul Tamburello aka pt at large

Say Hello to Suzan and Alicia and Sarah from me when you go! They've sold nearly one quarter of the submissions already. Art is alive and well in Boston.

Ginny Zanger

I was thrilled to be accepted to the Copley Society recently, excited to submit my work for the first time at the Holiday Show, and so very pleased to read your wonderful review (forwarded to me by mutual friend Bambi Good).
Congrats on the blog, Paul, sounds like you've found another calling since teaching (my son, Benny Zanger, among so many others).

Paul Tamburello aka pt at large

Ginny, this is so cool, small world, huh?
Yes I remember Benny - and his good pal Jesse Hamilton, like two peas in a pod that year. Thanks to Bambi for forwarding the review to you. Quite amazing how the Brookline "web" keeps us connected. I loved the Small Works Show, as you can see, and understand after talking to Suzan Redgate what an achievement it is to be accepted as a Copley Society member... Congratulations!

I'm not on facebook but feel honored that you'd like to add a link to my blog on your facebook page - www.ptatlarge.typepad.com

Your watercolor "Angel Fish" reminded me of my first visit and scuba dive off the beach at St John in the Virgin Islands.

I enjoyed reading your artist statement (probably the one you submitted as you applied to the Copley Society) on your informative web site. I've spent time down in Louisiana, will be interested to see your series imagining the whereabouts of the Deep Water Horizon oil spill that is still not accounted for.
Great to hear from you.

Suzan Redgate

Thank you for a stellar blog...we are thrilled...
Most appreciatively,

Paul Tamburello aka pt at large

I had fun writing the story. It wouldn't have been as good without the input I got from you and your staff (Sarah gave me a tutorial re the QR reader).

In a six degrees of separation moment, I got a comment on my blog from the mother of one of my former fourth grade students, Ginny Zanger, who was recently admitted to the Copley Society and has five pieces in the show... and she found about it from a former colleague of mine who's on my mailing list!

The story has several readers poised to come to visit the show.

Thanks for your compliment. Feel free to use the story in your Press Room or in whatever ways that raise Co/So's profile.

Paul Tamburello aka pt at large

Hey Suzan,
Was about to ask you whether the society wanted to consider adding a "What the bloggers are saying" to your web Press Page, looked around for blogs that mentioned Copley Society and found the link (with lovely intro) to my blog on the Copley Society facebook page!


I am not on facebook but 'Like" the fact that you posted it.
Thank you!

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