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February 19, 2012



Thanks, Paul
I know Terry and will fwd this great article to him.

Janine Dugas

I sent this to Luke's father.
You might want to correct it.

Terry Huval

What a nice story (although he got Phillip's name wrong - where did he get Joel??)

Thanks for sharing it with me.

May Louise White

Loved this piece. I have heard all of these kids play and it makes my heart happy just to listen to them and watch the enjoyment they get from "making music". As long as this goes on, the Cajun culture will certainly continue. I have nothing but the highest praise for Terry Huval. He is the personification of a truly "good man". The next time you are here remind me to tell you a couple of stories about Terry that I know first hand which highlight his sterling character.

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka  pt at large

May Louise,

I was floored at how powerful Luke's singing and playing were and how ably he was backed up by Zack and Phillip (I found out I got his name wrong in the original story). The intensity of Luke's singing and playing sticks with me to this day. Some of Luke's riffs, including imaginative "stops", were way off the beaten path. Other accordion players may play these but I've never heard them.

I did a double-take when i saw Zack Fuselier playing at the Youth Tent at the Tee-Mamou Fat Tuesday celebration in Iota. The men running the show, all good musicians themselves, played backup for young vocalists, accordion players, fiddlers and Zack actually played most of the time with the men.

I first heard Terry Huval play last year at Lundi Gras at Outlaws in Lafayette when he played with D.J. Menard and Steve Riley. I've never heard his band Jambalala play and will look for them during future visits.

Thank you for your comments. I'm looking forward to hearing your stories. I'll be back in Lafayette for Festival International de Louisiane!

May Louise White

Terry Huval's band, Jambalaya, plays every Friday night at Randol's.

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