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May 04, 2012



Well done!


One story you didn't tell that beautiful morning as we sailed out of the inlet on our way to Key West. Glad you did now. As an Italian son, I relate very well the image of being in short pants as an adult before my mon. Although she was only 4'11" an I almost 6', with words and a look, she still could slap some sense in me until the day she passed away.


nice one, Paul!
Mary from Chile
(ooops! from California)

Suzanne Steele

Beautifully written (as always). Difficult to read.
You kept your promise and respected her wishes. I'm sure she approves.
Thank you for sharing this private moment.

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

Jeff,my mother definitely had 'the look', more powerful than a shout.She must have acquired it from her mother,who I saw use it on my grandfather from time to time. I remember what a thrill it was to sail by the long walkway along the inlet, see the benches and people along the shore from the vantage point of a blue water sloop. Great memory.

Neal Skorka

Outstanding, Paul. Makes me think of my own mom. We are blessed to have these kinds of memories.

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

Neal, This memory must have been perking for years, took the act of scattering ashes to come to the surface. Glad it made you recall memories of your own mom. Thanks for sending.

JoAnn Barbour

What a wonderful tribute.

Kim Cromwell

Beautiful, Paul....

Shelley Allison

You’re making me cry…just lovely. You done Elena proud!

Susan McCulloch

Hi Paul- Your piece on your mother was evocative and beautiful.

Myke Farricker

Thanks Paul. This was beautiful. The best you've ever written. Made me think you would write a great full length novel.

Marie Danziger

Your Louisiana stories all start to sound the same to me, but this was different. I remember when your mom was still alive and now this piece feels to me like a fine way to put it all in perspective. My favorite part was your reaction to the pillow in her den. Well done!! Now I have to imagine how I would write my version about my mom.

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

Good feedback, Marie,about the Louisiana stories and the pillow, thank you. That pillow, a gift from her sister Claire, was quite famous in family circles and the source of many stories that verified the motto on it!

Deborah Soglin

pt - thank you so much for sharing this touching piece. I definitely would have liked your mother.

Susan Sullivan

lovely Paul

Bambi Good

very beautiful tribute, Paul, to a powerhouse lady, which I thank you for writing and sharing.... my father's ashes went to the 50 yard line at Harvard Stadium and into the Charles, but some were buried with my mom's in the backyard of the house they lived in for many years. My mom's were with my dad's in the same yard and then under a liliac bush I was given for a retirement present. My mom loved liliacs. Thank you so much, Bambi

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr.

Bambi, the scattering of my mom's ashes brought up a surprising kaleidoscopic collection of memories, unexpected, fragmented, untapped for years, needed some kind of trigger to bring them up into the surface where they could be experienced, reintegrated, a whole lot of nostalgia and sadness tempered with a good helping of gratitude and a smile.

Paul and Melanie Wagner

Hi PT,
This was a very touching and beautiful tribute to your mother. We wish we had had the opportunity to meet her - the pillow and the red dress tell a lot about what a gutsy woman she must have been! And hey - we know her son!

Susan Lyman

This tribute to your Mom was lovely to read, thanks for sharing it. i agree about the Bud Light, left over in the fridge from another relative perhaps?

Ann Baker

Really , a loving tribute. You are a good son.

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr.

Paul and Melanie,
Yep the dry sense of humor and that inscribed pillow say alot about my mom. You both well know what a large role moms play in our lives.

Galina Borinski

So beautifully written, Mr.T. I remember your mom's picture on the wall of 4th grade classroom...
Galina B., Raya's mom.

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr.

Wow, Galina,
I'd forgotten that I had taped a photo of her on the 4T classroom wall. Once I even asked her to visit when she and my sister visited Boston. My students got a kick out of asking them questions about me. Thanks for remembering, it's a fine memory

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