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May 15, 2012


Myke Farricker

Great article, Paul.

Ann Baker

A teacher who remembers ...........a rare thing in this world, especially when it is the good that is remembered.
Very nice work,pt.

Susan Sullivan

great story, Paul...

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr.

I was lucky to be surrounded by gifted, committed teachers and support staff during my career at the Pierce School. We always remembered the good stuff.

It wasn't unusual for a former student to show up in one of our classes to say hello. I remember when Estelle C. (in her early 30s) showed up in uniform at 8:00 AM one morning after working her night shift as an EMT. She riveted the class telling them what her job was like.

You could have heard a pin drop when one of my kids asked if she'd ever seen someone die. Without missing a beat, she told them that dealing with death was part of her job, that yes she's seen it. Estelle told them enough to answer the question and had a sense of just how much information was enough to satisfy their curiosity. That was a wonderful, spontaneous morning for me and my whole class.

Over the years, it got really good when former students came back as parents and their kids were in our classes. How cool is that!

Bambi Good

Paul Tamburello has written many wonderful pieces about adventures in New Orleans, Chile, and other spots, theater and movie reviews,and more, but I think this is the piece that has touched me the most and I hope it will reach a spot in you as well.


nice one, Paul; an enjoyable read!

Cathleen Cavanaugh

Love, love, love this story! It is your best. Congratulations.

One of my boys just won a photo award, and we were all in NYC for the event. Jonathan's photography teacher saw his talent, encouraged him, and submitted the award winning photo to the competition. I wrote the photo teacher to let him know what an inspiration he was, and cc'd the Principal, V.Principal, School Superintendent, Mayor and Governor. Teachers are great, and they change lives every day.

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

Thanks for that enthusiastic response! As a teacher, I valued feedback of every kind, from every source: parents, kids, administrators, peers, student teachers, former students. I would have been driven to do the kind of all out teaching that I did during my career whether I got it or not but getting it was always a good reality check. Your note to Jonathan's teacher was one of those letters that fuel a teacher's belief that he/she is making a difference.

Coincidentally, the tag line on the web page i created while I was teaching was

"Paul Tamburello's Fourth Grade...
Shaping the Future Since 1970"

I think it's terrific that we're continuing the story of your boys' progress since they were in third grade!
Best regards,

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