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June 28, 2012


Rebecca Wilson

Wow! You've morphed into a poet. Excellent!

Joanne Yeomans

Dear Paul, Your eloquent prose re Westport Dawning brought to mind my own reflections. Those damn birds wake me every morning with their cacaphony of noise!!! And the baby birds ( 3 of them, no less) that are nesting in my porch rafters continue to pelt me with their droppings as I sit their with my tea in the morning!!

Hmmmmmm.....why does our shared environment bring such opposing thoughts to our minds???? Is there any hope for me?????

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr.

Clearly I'm lucky that I don't have the chorus of birds as close as you do.I might have written an entirely different commentary if our roles were reversed!

Jon Alden

Having trouble sleeping, Paul?


Good job!

Bambi Good

as always, there is poetry in life and in your voice

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr.

Thanks, Jon, getting up that early is for the birds...I'm not usually a witness to events at that hour!

Ann Baker


Carolyn Liesy

Bird song is about identifying mates as far as I know. I get up around 5am here to meditate and so I am regularly familiar with the symphony. But I love your way of describing it.

Alan Rogers

Paul, Sure evokes a bit of nostalgia! See you in a couple of weeks

Bob Maurice

you are so right

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