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October 18, 2012


Christopher Huggins

Your sister was such a wonderful, positive, engaging, and brave women. This story makes me miss her tremendously as I remember her warmth, and bravery. Her illness was such a challenge, and frankly, so awful. It's another example of "life's not fair".
And yes, there is no manual for what you and her sons had to experience. What a wonderful, loving brother you are to be there throughout the final days...so completely. And I can understand the why you cheered her on to peace from the pain.
I know she and her sons appreciated it.
The Hugger

Susan Sullivan

wonderful tribute, Paul. What a survivor. We all must pass through that door and bear witness to others journey's...love the picture of Susaan and Ricardo.

Shelley Allison

Thanks. She was very, very special and was lucky enough to have a wonderful, and wonderfully articulate, brother. This reminds me of so many things but mainly of Judi and her lovely service, filled with so many great stories about her, and also of our family’s vigil at my dad’s bedside during the last five days of his life. It’s an excruciating process, and yet very beautiful in many ways. You want it to be over as soon as possible because it’s so painful, but you want it to go on forever, because it’s ending means your loved one is gone forever. Tough stuff, but you’ve described it beautifully and her very lovingly.

Barbara Widett

After all those years if hearing about your sister from you and Nona, I thank you for allowing me to get a glimpse of who she was. I regret not knowing her in person. Your tribute was moving and beautiful - words to be cherished and remembered.

Tracy Grant

Thank you, Paul. Thank you very much for putting this tribute into words and sharing.

Jo-Ann Barbour

Thanks PT. I think of Judi every Christmas as I hang her hand crafted ornament and remember many a conversation where we discussed your idiosyncrasies! She was a beautiful and special person.

Kristen Eichleay

Thank you, Paul. It’s a beautiful tribute!

Sarah Cross Mills

What a beautifully-written tribute! This one's a keeper for me. Thank you for sharing this very personal piece.

Carolyn Liesy

Susaan talked a lot about Judi so I have known her and her prognosis for a long time. Your eulogy is so beautiful Paul. I was very moved. Thank you.

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