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April 11, 2013


Diana Cullum-Dugan

Love it! Thanks for sharing. We have a crocus or two that emerged and a bunch of daffodils. Love to see it all.

Myke Farricker

The Ansel Adams of Watertown! Did you dictate this article into your phone as you were taking your walk around?

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr aka pt at large

No but you'll be happy to know that I took the photos with my handy dandy iPhone and have become a microphone maniac since you showed me how to use the microphone feature!

Ann Baker

Ah yes, I can hardly wait. Now do the deer come to your neighborhood and eat all the special Day Lilies, as they do in mine ?

Bambi Good

Ah, the loveliness of spring and of Paul's writing.... wish I could remember which friend told me how much she loved your iphone piece so I could send it to her!

Susan Sullivan


Meredith Knight

Spring has sprung! And your pictures remind us of that Paul. So there is a nip in the air! The flowers are starting to bloom.

Gerard McMahon



Makes we wish I was home NOW, instead of 3 weeks from now - on the other hand, I hear there's sleet forecast for tonight! Such is April!

Linda Weaver

That was lovely Paul, thanks for sharing.
Linda Weaver

May Louise White

You have such a very beautiful way with words, as well as with photos. It is always quite a pleasure to read anything that you have written. Spring is such a time of promise. I really enjoyed this piece. It also makes me happy that you feel well enough to get out and walk and that you are inspired to write this little pictorial essay on spring.

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