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April 19, 2013


Paul and Melanie Wagner

Hey there PT!
We've been thinking about you all day. Even here in the Bahamas we are closely connected to what's going on in an area dear to our hearts and with many loved ones.
So eerie to hear from you via email during this crazy time!
Everyone is on edge. Everyone is shocked, angered, saddened, and bewildered. How could this be happening? But it is. Be safe, Paul. We're hoping this is over very soon. And then comes the healing process for Boston and America.

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr aka pt at large

True. The healing process will take time, compassion. We have no idea about the bombers motivation. I fear that much healing will be necessary.

May Louise White

Did not realize you lived in Watertown, specifically. So, wow, this terrorist situation is really up close and very personal to you. Be safe, Paul.......as if you did not already have enough on your plate to keep you uneasy. Do you have a gun? Just hope they catch this guy real soon, and keep him alive so that maybe he will shed some light on the situation. To hear his relatives talk about him on TV, you would think he was a model citizen.

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr aka pt at large

Twenty minutes from the heart of Boston and Copley Square where the bombing happened. Would be good to get him alive but i doubt that's the way he will go. It is strange how no one yet has made any links to subversive activities they may have been involved in.
I'm ok, hunkering down, thanks

Bill Ives


We are thinking about you in New Orleans. It is strange seeing all these familiar places in Watertwon. Stay safe. Bill

Joanne Yeomans

OMG!! George and I have been talking about you all day. Just wondering if you are holed up in your house until this scary situation is resolved. It truly is incomprehensible to watch it on tv never mind having to experience it directly. And of course, you now have that UMass Dartmouth connection. You just can't away from this story, Paul. I was in Hyannis earlier today and the bridges are being manned by state police, with one lane traffic , and cars being very carefully scrutinized as they cross. There is a wide net being cast by authorities; never heard of an entyire major city being shut down like this. BOSTON STRONG!!!!!!

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr aka pt at large

Yes and Jon Alden reports on activity at UMass Dartmouth on www.Everythingwestport.com

Rose Anne Negele

Paul, thanks for putting into words what so many of us feel. However, I can only imagine what it has been like for you in Watertown the last 15 hours. Stay safe, and hopefully our cooperation staying inside will enable the investigators to solve this faster. (It amazes me that Patrick omitted Brookline from the list. We can't go anywhere outside of Brookline without passing through one of these towns on the list!)

Nona Bock

Tomas is in Quito. He said it is the first time he's felt safer there than in Boston! Knowing what living there is like, that's quite an impacting statement

Wendy Good

Stay safe, Paul. Thinking of you down here.

Dianne Barbour

Hi Paul,
You have captured it completely...it's personal.

John Alden

Hey Paul,

The terrorists' tentacles have reached us down here in Dartmouth. Read my alert article on EverythingWestport.com

Stay safe, Paul.

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

Good coverage of UMass Dartmouth, John.

Jeff PIccoli

Been thinking of you through this. Couldn't help but recognize the DD on Mt Auburn. My heart is broken as Boston will always be a place in my heart. I love that city and have so many good memories. One of which is spending time in Copley Sq during many of Patriots Day festivities.


You were the first person I thought of his morning when I saw Watertown highlighted on the map of the coverage. Stay safe!

Linda Weaver

Well written as always. Happy you are safe now and hopefully they can find out more about the reasons for this attack if they were on their own in this.
Stay safe,
Linda Weaver

carole blossom

So sad and tragic that innocent people become victims of deranged minds. One can only wonder what were their motives and what did they plan to accomplish? Your beautiful town and loving people can hopefully survive and rebuild their lives. So thankful you were not injured, Paul. God bless you and everyone impacted by this unthinkable atrocity.


The next time the powers that be in Watertown decide that budget cuts are needed, and they decide to target the police and firemen first; I hope you and all Watertown citizens will be the first to their defense. You have some pretty special first responders.

Suzanne Steele

I agree with almost everything you say.
I will go to those events. I will stand up and say "Not in my backyard."
But will I have my children do that? No. I can't.

My love as a mother would never allow me to put my children in harms way.
Because of my x-husband's treatment of my children I have seen firsthand, but still can not fathom, how selfish, self-centered beliefs can trump paternal instincts to love, nurture and protect.
Which makes me more aware that I will never understand a mentality that believes it is just to use women and children shields, to harm innocent people, and to brainwash children to blow themselves up.

The knowledge that this will never end saddens me, even as I rejoice that justice will prevail, and closure comes to those families whose lives are forever altered by these events.

T Kim Cromwell

Written April 22, 2013
Paul, thank you for writing this. I thought of you as I sat in meetings in OH, desperately wanting to watch the TV news but instead committed to various committee meetings.... so I'd call Kath in between, milking her about anything she'd learned in the news. I'm glad that at least this stage is over, that the surviving suspect has been caught... though the psychological damage has been done. As in the days after 9/11, I too have this sense of defiance. One Boston. One country. One people. Peace.

Carole Blossom

First, I am sorry for what you and your city has had to endure. Sounds like a war front. Reminds me of World War II movies or what we see on TV occurring in Mid East regularly....bombs exploding, people being shot and seriously wounded and killed on daily basis. Like you said, those kinds of gruesome events aren't supposed to happen in USA. Yet, all too frequently we have witnessed in the media since 1995...yet even when people, places and things are being blown up, it never really hits home until it hits home. You are living proof. I don't remember hearing about bombings and school shoot ups happening much before 1995 here in the land of the free. Very scary. When will it end? Or will it end? Are these just isolated tragedies non-related or is our society being infected with terrorism which is spreading throughout our country as well as other countries? When will it stop...or will it ever stop? Now it's personal as you say. My heart goes out to you and the rest of your town. I hope and pray now that the 2 terrorists have been captured (one killed) you will experience no future terror and life will settle back to what was once normal and this horrific terror is put behind you. God bless and protect you and your town and the rest of this country and countries and people from such senseless violence. My heart goes out to you, Paul.
With compassion, Carole Blossom

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