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February 27, 2014



I remember. Nothing like it!

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

No rain in sight for tomorrow (as you know, the last two were held at a local club since it poured), should be a fun time at 321 Baldwin Street!

carole blossom

Interesting story of history of Gerry Springer's annual King Cake Mardi Gras party. Does Gerry make sure to get the piece of cake with the baby in it so he will be the lucky one to hold the next year's King Cake party at his place on Baldwin Street? The photos look very familiar to me. Remembering I met you at Gerry's party a couple years back. Fun memories :) Lassez Les Bon Temps Rouler, Carole Blossom

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr aka pt at large

I was hoping you'd make it to this year's party,Carole. I'll bet Gerry has the King Cake made without the baby in it...he wants his party to stay right where it is on 321 Baldwin Street!

Ad Middendorp

Note from pt at large: i got permission to post this email. Gerry and Merrie are apparently global emissaries of Cajun dancing...

Hi Gerry and Merrie,
Without any information I found you on the net.
What a small world!
Yesterday you both danced in front of my door in Amsterdam on the King's Birthday Festival, where I was playing a cajun song on my portable radio.
You certai
nly brightened up
a beautiful day.
Everybody enjoyd your spontanious action very much and it makes me glad to be able to thank you for it.
I'm totally not clever with computers but it was the magic word Raamsdonkveer that set me on your track.
Maybe I will meet you nice people there once.
God bless you.

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