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April 20, 2014



at one time when i was working as an
assistant director in a well known l.a.
stage venue, we worked with Deaf West,
a theater company that does fabulous
productions with totally deaf, partially
deaf and some hearing actors.....they did
romeo and juliet set in a circus......
it is amazing. it's a whole other world.
another society. deaf folks have a true
society we know nothing about. i was
blown away.

Sherry Truhlar

Paul, this is an awesome post! I'm incredibly flattered that you took the time to write this. I must immediately share it with dear ol' Mom.

And to think that there I was -- at the auction talking to you -- thinking, "This guest is asking me all these questions about auctions and can't he see I've got WORK to do?!"


Had I only known, I would have delayed the silent auction closing to chat with you further. (Well, not *really* .. but you get my drift.)

Anyway, thank you for this post, and much appreciation for making the trek out to support TLC. They are a great group of people, aren't they? I met several guests who have no personal connection with the school but have been exposed to various folks over the years and felt compelled to attend and support the cause just because -- as we say -- the school has "good people."

Should you need it, feel free to drop by www.RedAppleAuctions.com for any further benefit auction information. That's where I hang out. :)

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