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June 18, 2014


Bill Ives

Brings back some good memories of dancing during summer in the city. Hope to see you at Satchmo fest this year.

Brian Bishop


glad someone was paying attention. this is the kind of thing i would write, but since i set up the show it doesn't seem quite right for me to do the review. You have lavished great attention on the kings of the alt. connecticut movement and i really appreciate it. I can't say this praise is undeserved, and i certainly hope it doesn't fall on deaf ears.
PS few corrections from the heat of battle to follow

Brian Bishop

well really only one correction and a few notes:

the cameo at the end was Ward Hayden but his band is Girls, Guns and Glory --- more or less the same thing.

and I'm afraid there is probably no video, but before the Hank Williams standard, Ward joined them for an early Girls Guns and Glory tune, Susie. Jim picked it as emblematic of Ward's inner Roy Orbison. It too has a tinge of latin flavor with Ward's typical straightforward lyric that fits well to his alluring vocal style that exhibits just a tinge of husk on a sweet cob.

Note: Bennie's Cadillac is an Iguanas cover.

Brian Bishop

PS - how did you hear about this. we did have a good crowd for a late booked Thursday night. Don't think I get you with my Bishop's Castle mailing list. Just want to put out a big thank you to all the folks within Johnny Ds geography who helped spread the word.

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

Hey Brian,
Thanks for the helpful feedback.I was one of the great unwashed, had no idea who the Hoolios were, and, clearly, am now enlightened. Appreciate your note about Ward Hayden and will add a nod to the Iguanas with my description of Bennie's Cadillac

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

I heard about this from my friend Rebecca Wilson, a dancer and lover of good music from Baton Rouge to Boston, who sends her "list" occasional missives about music not to be missed. In the same message she gave a shout out to your event at Bishop's Castle on June 15.

Belle B

Thanks, Paul. Great review! And fun to be able to play the songs again.

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