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July 27, 2014



Don't miss "Unbroken" by Laura Hillenbrand on audiobook read by Edward Hermann. Truly epitomizes the term "driveway moment"! Enjoy!

Lynn Dowall

Hey Paul,

The Robert Parker "Spenser" series are really good aloud.

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

I read her book Seabiscuit years ago, enjoyed it, will see if my library has Unbroken, that sounds like another inspiring non-fiction book, and a timely switch from fiction. Looking forward to more 'driveway moments', thanks!

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

I listened to Double Play a few years ago, a monument to clean, spare story writing, set in 1947,the year Jackie Robinson entered the big leagues.It combines Parker's love of baseball with his themes of honor and love. It melds Parker's personal experience and his gift for fiction. And the narrator Robert Forster is perfect for the laconic main character.I forgot that I even wrote it up in a post in 2011!

I'll check out Spenser next, thanks~

Mary Seppi

Hi Paul,
I too, am an audiobook lover.
I check books out electronically from the library and listen to them on the iPhone.
There are hundreds.
I love the Bill Bryson books like "A Short History of Nearly Everything" or "A Walk in the Woods"
I'll check out the ones you mentioned.

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

Great, Mary,
I had no idea you could check books out electronically, will follow up on that (from i Tunes, your library?)

I'll check my local library for the Bryson book, thanks~

Suzanne Kavet

And do you know about microwaves?
I know, I know. It’s life changing! With my job, I have been doing this for years. I’ve actually missed exits due to being so much in the book. There is the danger of it’s distraction because it can be like watching a movie in your mind. Sometimes it’s “omg, where am I?”
If you have an iPhone, you don’t need discs (actually old fashioned at this point, sorry, old man) But spring for Audible.com and download right onto your phone, plug into your car speakers (you need a gadget if you don't have a newer car) and off you go! No changing discs or being frustrated by previous owners damage. I’ve lost parts of books that way! Live and learn.

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

Well then, I'm livin' and learnin':)

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

I imagined that the Reacher series was a guy thing with not much of a female following but...here you are with affirmation that Jack is the man.I wonder how much of a female readership he has. How long have you been reading the series?

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

wow, i just adjusted my set of assumptions that the Jack Reacher readership was mostly men after a female reader raved about Jack and the whole Reacher series.

I just found this interview with Lee Child that
bolsters the assertion that women really dig Reacher

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