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November 18, 2014


Rebecca W

Love it!

Bambi Good

and where do you see this film?

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

Bambi, this is a bummer. The film was shown only once at the Brattle Theater. I read about it at 12:30 PM on Sunday and was in a seat at the Brattle at 1:00 PM~
I recognized the name Chris Strachwitz, recalled that he had something to do with recording roots American music when writing a story a long time ago.
This link show where the movie is headed - no where near here till lord knows when. I began to email about the film to a friend who lives in New Orleans and realized I was writing a review so i dug in and this is what happened. I'll shout it from the treetops if/when it returns.

Susaan Straus


Wish it wasn't so scarce - next showings are a serious commute; Cleveland, Anchorage, Albequerqe, Houston, Holland, MI ,etc...

Susaan Straus

Happy Sunday!

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

Wow. That song with Ry Cooder and Flaco Jimenez is a redition (recorded many years earlier) featured on the double CD soundtrack to the movie!

Maureen Gosling

Thanks so much, Paul! I just shared your blog on Facebook. You can find our page at: https://www.facebook.com/ThisAintNoMouseMusic

So fun you got to hang out with Chris and see the Pine Leafs in action.

We're pleased with the response to the film. It's coming out on DVD March 10. With 32 min. of Bonus Footage too!

All best, Maureen G.

Chris Simon

Wow! Thank you, Paul!
The film can also be downloaded on iTunes No bonus footage, however -- and the bonuses are really cool! Some of the scenes Maureen and I cried about cutting out…
Chris Simon

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

Thanks for the great shout out on FaceBook.
I'm happy for you, Chris, and everyone involved in producing this gem of a film.
I'd love to buy the DVD. How may I order it?

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

Chris, I can imagine how hard it was to omit footage you really cared about, it's probably every film maker's nightmare. I'll wait for the DVD, thanks for the tip!

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