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January 09, 2015


Shelley Allison

It looks just lovely! And I’m glad Susaan scooped and tossed the tarantula outside [I have a dedicated container that I use here for spider relocation, though never for a tarantula!]

Enjoy your stay. Your Chile posts are always my favorite.

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

I scour every inch of the bathroom when i enter, even shake my shoes out before putting them on:) One tarantula is enough for this trip!
Glad you enjoy the posts from the southern hemisphere!

Carolyn Liesy

Great to see everyone having such a nice time. And loved seeing the house and the dogs. That is a great place to stay. But, wow about the Tarantula. Very surprising. Keep us posted on your visit.

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

Note from Susaan about a doggie's name:
Occita = Osito short for Oso - Oso is bear. Osito is Little Bear.

Gerard M. McMahon


Wish Ricardo a Happy Birthday from all of us here at Marshall Street, He's the Man!!


Chris ives

Ahhh…to be in the southern hemisphere right now, when our thermometer here in Watertown has found its way up to a balmy 14 degrees this morning.

Bill Ives

Looks great and a nice time to be there. Have fun and safe travels.

Cathleen Cavanaugh

HI Paul,

I love the colors, the description of the rooms and house, and I feel the warm air!

Happy New Year to you!

Ann Baker

Oh the pictures just make me want to throw away my responsibilities……..AAAaah maybe next year.

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