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May 08, 2015


Bambi Good

Your into to SA Airport is enough reason to go to SA!

Debbie S

Thanks so much for this! Going to be there in 2 weeks. Hope you're good

Cathleen Cavanaugh

Hi Paul,
Thanks for sharing these pics! I have not been to San Diego Airport, and love having this travelog to pour through. Worthy of sending to the globe for the Sunday Travel section!
Life is truly about the journey…

Katherine Burton Jones


Your post about the San Diego Airport made me think about my recent trip to Atlanta and to realize what I had not “seen” or paid enough attention to on my hurried walk through the terminals. I love that you took the time to “see” and comment on the art that was right before you. Maybe the sun-drenched landscape made the difference as opposed to moving through virtual tunnels on a people mover. As in some of your other posts you are giving me cause to slow down a bit and look around, even look up, and savor what is around me. Thank you.

The “mission” of the Atlanta International Airport’s art program is a full one:
Welcome to Hartsfield-Jackson's Art Program

The Airport Art Program develops and integrates art, exhibits and performances into the fabric of the Airport environment for the benefit of passengers and employees. The Art Program has three major components: commissioning artists to create site-specific artwork, presenting rotating exhibitions, and scheduling performing arts series. Each part of the program strives to meet the Department of Aviation's goal of becoming the world's best airport by exceeding customer expectations. http://www.atlanta-airport.com/Passenger/Art%20Program/

It is achieved much more fully than I gave credit for on speed walk through. You would think that my having been in Atlanta for a museum conference that I would have given a little more time to the art around me. In any case, maybe the next traveler will having seen your post.

I will admit that even on my trip in December, I did not stop to look at the art in full, giving a cursory read to the labels, a nod to the fine work. Guilty and too hurried. Can I arrange with the person picking me up for another 15 minutes, yes, why not?

I have known for some time that airports are displaying art, sometimes in the fashion of museum with information on the artists and the work. In the case of San Diego, history, art, and interactive spaces have become part of the landscape to inform and entertain the travelers of any age. One of my students was planning to do a thesis on this trend but abandoned the topic, sadly.

So thank you for the post and the reminder to stop and appreciate art (and possibly music (in Atlanta) and fun (in San Diego).


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