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November 13, 2015


Jay Grant

Love this retelling of our trip. I remember the market well and the amount of food purchased for not much money…Jay Grant

Mary Moore

As I recall, the "farmers" who raised the crops were young men serving their national service or manditory military service. The people selling are hired to sell the crops and are not serving their required military time. Military service here is strictly that, there it sounds like they use military service as WPA. I believe the time period for military service was two years but don't quote me on that. That may be wrong. Not all markets have food grown by the military. There are markets that true farmers bring their produce. Rates are set by the government in the markets but the small vendors on the streets with the carts have no such constraints. They can charge whatever the market will bear. They purchase their products from either a farmer direct or from the central exchange and can then sell at whatever price they can get. If you remember most of the cart people had onions which is a staple in Cuban cooking. Does this help?

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

Mary, this is immensely helpful. Young men and women are required to serve two years in the military. Yohandra explained that some serve in agronomy, growing food, working the land, so it does sound like the WPA or a wide definition of military service. I've done some googling, have found nothing yet to explain it. Stay tuned. Fellow Road Scholars, feel free to weigh in.

Eva Benz

Hi Mary,
Christmas is over and I finally have time to
to read PT's blog. Great memory, I remember this market very well but not all the details.
Thank you for filling in the blanks.
Sincerly Eva

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