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November 15, 2015


Susaan Straus

That’s wonderful! I’m so glad you got to hear from a real person from that time! So many of the priests in Latin America were leftists.
They practiced what they preached. See what you can read about ‘liberation theology’.

When I went everybody had a Fidel or a Che story. They were close and regular guys - not far away and distant like our leaders.

Sarah Cross Mills

What a wonderful, rich experience you had! I guess you'd definitely recommend Road Scholar, yes?

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

It's the first group trip like this Ive ever taken. The 16 others and I all raved about the arrangements, the content, our group leader and our Cuban onsite leader. Now's the time to go. Let me know if you'd like to chat offline.

Susan Sullivan

great story Paul.

Susan Sullivan

I saw the next one. Keep them coming. Cuba is on my bucket list. I always thought Castro cared about his people and I understand how corrupt Battista was. Socialism/communism can be a better option sometimes, at least for a time. What's perfect??

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

Your insight about Batista and Fidel holds well.
Everything we've read about Cuba, at least in the mainstream media, tends to paint it in negative political colors. I was surprised to learn that health care and education are completely subsidized by the government, that the quality of medical care is high, that the literacy rate is about 99%, that homelessness is practically non-existent, that young people are required to do two years of military service that in some ways is like the old US WPA programs, that their economy is not consumer driven (it's complicated),there is no depressing gap between the haves and the have nots...I could go on. There are certainly points of contention and, as we read in the news daily, change is in the air. I can only hope that Cuba holds on to its rich cultural ideals during whatever happens next.



May Louise White

Very heart warming story

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