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April 06, 2016



Nice work and a timely honor of his talent. LOVE your description of his voice to your ears.

Rebecca Wilson

I particularly love this:
To my ears, his voice is better than it's ever been - a range from gravel to honey, with a sweet upper register that reveals the man inside the rough shell - all of it from some deep place searching for the light of redemption or forgiveness.
And the part about turning the sound off.

Katherine Burton Jones


As you always do, you captured the essence of the man and his music. Thank you for posting this again. Merle will be missed by many.


Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

Thanks for the comment. He was one of my favorite country singers, a vanishing breed who wrote his own material, was fussy, wanted them to always be sharp, when his long time band played when he sang with them, and showed no sign of following any path except the one he forged for himself. Ironic,I was listening to his album Kern River the week he died.

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

There are pages and pages about Merle Haggard on google.If you're a fan, I'm sure you'll find ones that delight or surprise you.
here are two youtube clips
one, Kern River (listen to Porter Wagonner comment at end of clip)

the second one reveals a lighter side that occasionally peeks out, this time when he playfully mimicks the style of George Jones

and another since Im on a youtube jag I think his vocal range and voice tone and picking ability is quite underrated

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

last one…i think
Dwight Yoakum singing with Merle,

and the touching letter Dwight Yoakum wrote about Merle

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