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April 22, 2016


Katherine Burton Jones


Your personal memory of Prince and this album in particular brings back my own version of his poignant presence in my world of music. My listening was in a living room not a car but I can still feel the pulsing pleasure that you must have felt with the volume turned up.

As you say, others have written about Prince too but reading more personal memories allows me (all of us) to let our own purple colored stories of the musician and his wonderful music come back in full force.


Christopher Huggins

Who knew you were such a Prince fan! Enjoyed your thoughts and the links. I found myself clicking on this amazing performance, too.

Mishy Lesser

What a stunning tribute ... I really enjoyed reading this one and now I know what's going on with your hearing (not!). Thank you, Pa

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

Thank you, Mishy. Back in the day, no one I knew was attuned to how to preserve your hearing! The neighbors all knew when I was driving home, could hear Prince blasting from my car radio all the way to their houses.

Mark Engleberg

Wonderful, Paulie, well done. May he rest in peace.

Bill Ives

I saw Purple Rain the movie when it first came out. Now we plan to see it again, hopefully by getting it form the library. Cindy and i have been wearing purple this week in his memory. Thanks for sharing yours.

Katherine Burton Jones

I have to comment again now that I've found the Prince Tribute channel on Sirius XM. I turned up the volume and know that Prince would have wanted us to feel the intimacy of the music that way, with the big booming bass and his enticing voice and lyrics. I sat in my car today to hear all of Purple Rain after being entertained for the whole ride with some of my favorites and some songs I had not heard before. I am sure Prince is sorry about your hearing and mine and everybody else's but the music is meant to be felt as you know.

KBJ (feeling it in the car)

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

Tributes, anecdotes, and praise from an amazing range of entertainers and everyday folks have been flooding the internet since Prince died on April 21. It happens that you and Cindy are wearing your tribute.

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