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April 03, 2016


Ghazi Kazmi

Hi Paul,

Thank you for writing such a beautiful piece on the Whit!

We hope to see you @the Whit again!

Ghazi Kazmi
Executive Director,
Whitney Center for the Arts

Leo Mazzeo

Sent April 6, 2016
Wow.  Very nicely done!  Thank you very much!

Just one small item; there are actually three pieces by Grier Horner in the foyer, but the third is a really small one and usually hidden behind the door anyway.  

The Paul Graubard piece you mention is “Eat, Drink, Be Merry.”

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

Sent April 6, 2016
Thanks for this correction and for supplying me with names of the other artists in both galleries in the "Temptations" show. As curator of the exhibition, you said, "It was quite the experience pulling this together. And we’ve had some interesting fallout over the show. One of the participating artists chose to request to have her work pulled out after the opening." As you see, I thought the wide ranging content of the show was a fitting prelude to Spring.
I look forward to visiting The Whit on my next visit and exploring the burgeoning arts presence in dear ol' Pittsfield!

Gerard McMahon


Bonnie Lee Sanders

I've experienced the wonderful ambiance at the Whit and so appreciate the care with which they handle art exhibits, performances and anything they get involved in. Thank you Ghaz and Lisa for your appreciation of the arts.

With respect,
Bonnie Lee Sanders

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