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May 13, 2017


Catherine Miller

Thank you so very much for the write up on Gator. We are very appreciative and heartened to hear that you enjoyed (enjoy) the experience and share it with your readers.

I know that you and I have spoken in the past. Love your writing. To be honest I had forgotten until I saw you name come up. I plan on sharing the link to your blog with others around town. I hope you approve.
Catherine Miller
For Gator By The Bay

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

Hi Catherine,
A tip of the hat to you and to the over 200 Bon Temps regulars who make the event roll along so seamlessly. The fact that, except for the volunteers with badges, they remain generally invisible is a sign that the logistics are well in hand. I’m sure that this requires months of planning and probably last minute rearrangements.

I was reminded of that after my conversation with “Glenn” whose company is in charge of the electricity. He was glad to get my feedback about the smooth operation and took a moment to show me the enclosures that housed the generators. A shout out to his company, whose name I forgot!

I read in the San Diego Union-Tribune that 15,000 people attend the event. In the same article, I read that Peter Oliver said that, “We truly pride ourselves in offering San Diegans and visitors alike the chance to experience authentic Louisiana culture.”

IMO, It’s a gift for attendees not only to experience Louisiana culture but to take pride (and probably learn more about) the terrific local and regional bands that make San Diego a robust and diverse music scene.

Several amateur videos i made with my little Canon camera are found at https://www.youtube.com/user/ptatlarge1/videos

I'm mighty pleased that you'd like to share the blog with others around town. Click the tab in the R side column for more stories about the 2017 GBTB.

Ann Baker

Enjoy every minute ! It sounds wonderful ! keep smiling.

Connie Rees

Your Gater travelogue was beautifully written.. you must have roped us all in to the fun and food and music scene as you described it.

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