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January 01, 2018


Christopher Huggins

You are so right...we need acts and displays of humanity such as this. Thanks for doing such a great job of capturing the specialness of this heartwarming, touching event.
Here is to many more of these kind interactions!


Very sweet story. My nephew just moved to Lafayette to be curator of the art museum at the university. Hope you are well, beyond great writing. Hugs and Happy New Year.

Ann Baker

Thanks PT. a good kind news story.

Katherine Burton Jones

A very heartwarming story and a good message.

Bill Ives

Thanks for posting. I shared the link on Facebook to let others know about this night and your wonderful blog.

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

Thank you, Bill. I believe Philip has cerebral palsy. He was very receptive to me and my questions, answered in detail. I often asked him to repeat so I could understand, he didn't seem to mind because he really wanted to tell me about himself and how he became interested in playing the rub board.

As you know, rub boards are a major sound that characterizes and propels the music. Philip played his rub board all night long, paying attention and deeply preoccupied with all of it. He had as good a time as anyone in the dance hall.

Philip made the most of the invitation to join Geno and his band. And Geno made the most of welcoming him. When he pulled up that chair to sit next to Philip for the second song, my heart melted with joy and I wasn't the only one who felt that.

Ive heard of random acts of kindness. This was a very specific targeted act of joy and it hit the bullseye,

Paul Sinopoli

Great story and music

Joanne Yeomans

Heartwarming story in a year full of hate, revenge, and chaos. I am doubtful this will change until our politics change dramatically. This is not who we are as a country. Very stressful year for many people. Hoping that a new year brings new hope but I am not optimistic it will happen.

Bill Ives


here is what i said on Facebook. "Here is a blog post from my New England friend, Paul Tamburello who frequently travels to south Louisiana. This is about Geno Delafose playing a gig in Lafayette on New Year's Eve and bringing up an audience member to join the band, much to the man's joy. There are two videos of the act that got Cindy Morse and I up dancing this morning. Paul is not on FB but covers his travels in a well written blog that is worth following."

May Louise White

And this one is so heart warming.......................

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